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Legal disputes in Georgia are based upon many different types of conflict: civil claims; business disagreements; divorce, family, or child custody matters; personal injury, wrongful death, automobile collisions, truck wrecks, or premises liability matters. If you are involved in a lawsuit, conflict, or dispute in Georgia, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be right for you. ADR refers to a variety of out-of-court processes that resolve conflict peacefully and promote creative solutions. Mediation is one of the more popular forms of ADR. If you have a case you think may be appropriate for mediation, you are encouraged to seek the services of a Neutral registered with the State of Georgia. Mr. Maddox is a State registered Neutral and can assist with the resolution of your dispute with Georgia Mediation Services.

ADR is effective. In mediation, the Neutral, a person also called the “mediator”, helps people in a dispute to communicate with one another, understand each other, and if possible, reach agreements that satisfy everyone’s needs. The mediator does not take sides or decide who is right or wrong in the past. The mediator helps people make their own decisions. Most important, mediation services save people time and money.

ADR sessions provided by Georgia Mediation Services are confidential. Confidentiality is a core value of the mediation process. It is confidential both by law and by agreement. However, if parties reach a settlement agreement, the written and executed agreement or memorandum of agreement is not confidential unless agreed to by the parties.

Mediation services may not be appropriate for all cases. The successful use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve a legal dispute depends on both parties being able to make decisions on their own. We can assist you in this regard as well.

We have offices located in Roswell and Canton, Georgia, and serve parties throughout the State. Mr. Maddox is A/V rated by Martindale Hubbell and has served Georgians since 1984. Please give us a call to discuss your case.