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Since 1984, Tommy Lee Maddox has practiced as an attorney in Georgia providing legal services specializing in Divorce, Child Custody Claims, Family Law, Accident or Personal Injury and Wrongful Death litigation.  Mr. Maddox is also a State registered mediator who can assist in all types of civil matters.


Family Law – Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage and disputes over child custody can be a painful process, both from an emotional and financial perspective.  We can guide you down the path towards a healthy and prosperous future. In the area of family law, Georgia attorney Tommy Lee Maddox can help you.

Modification of Custody & Support

When circumstances change following your divorce, you have the right to seek a modification of your prior Court Order.  In a modification action, you and your attorney can seek a change of child custody or seek a change in the amount of child support you pay or receive. We can help in your family law claim.

Accident Injury Claims and Wrongful Death

In the case of injuries caused by a dog bite, motorcycle accident, wrongful death, a car wreck, automobile accident, or through a truck collision, lives can be traumatically changed or lost due to the negligence of a third party.  Damages, which includes physical disability, physical or personal injury, loss of life valuation, medical expenses and lost income are difficult items to quantify into dollars and cents.  You can be assured that your interests will be respected and preserved.


Mr. Maddox is a State registered civil and family law mediator. Save money, expense, and time by resolving your legal disputes through alternative dispute resolution.

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You do not win cases by settling. You win by preparing to win. We have been practicing law in Georgia since 1984.  If Tommy Lee Maddox was recommended to you as your lawyer or if you have found us just now, please contact us for a free initial consultation. Tommy Lee Maddox is A-V rated preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and can help you resolve your case. If you have a legal dispute involving matters of divorce, child custody, personal injury or wrongful death, let us tell you face-to-face how our legal services can help with your particular circumstance. Please give us a call today.

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