Family Division. It is peculiar to Fulton County and is not replicated in any other County within the State of Georgia. The Family Division deals exclusively with domestic relations and family law matters, divorce, child custody, property division, child support, and alimony.

Upon the filing of a divorce case in the Family Division, your case is immediately assigned to a specific Trial Judge. Your case is then given a hearing or “status conference” date in which the parties must appear at Court. The initial assigned date is set approximately thirty days following the filing of the case. The status conference will be directed by a Judicial Officer who sits in judgment on behalf of the assigned Trial Judge.

The case will continue forward with additional Status Conferences being scheduled in thirty day increments. Depending on the type of family case you have brought, a final trial before the assigned Trial Judge often occurs following the 120 Day Status Conference. Final trial dates are dependent upon your assigned Judge’s trial schedule and the number of cases listed upon the trial calendar. The scheduled date is also dependent upon the schedule of your divorce attorney and that of your spouse’s lawyer.

Child custody, visitation, child support, property division, alimony, and attorney fee awards will be determined at the conclusion of the trial in your case.

It should be expected that a divorce lawyer practicing in Atlanta should be well seasoned and familiar with the rules, procedures, and the personnel peculiar to the Fulton Superior Court and the Family Division. Over the years since he began law practice in 1984, Tommy Lee Maddox has become that attorney.

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