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As your attorney in Atlanta and/or Fulton County, Mr. Maddox will bring your divorce or other family law matter to the Fulton County Superior Court Family Division. The Family Division is peculiar to Fulton County and is not replicated in any other County within the State of Georgia. The Family Division deals exclusively with domestic relations and family law matters, divorce, child custody, property division, child support, and alimony.

Although the process is the same for everyone, the facts are different and specific to your individual situation and circumstances.  Your case is handled on an individual basis with specific attention directed to your specific needs.

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, there are many ways it can be handled, including:

  • Contested;
  • Uncontested; or
  • Collaborative – ADR.

A contested divorce is one in which spouses cannot agree regarding every issue; however, this does not necessarily mean that the divorce cannot be resolved in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner.  As your attorney, Mr. Maddox will negotiate favorable and appropriate outcomes by focusing on the your goals and objectives. However, in the event a case cannot settle, Mr. Maddox will capably and effectively take your case to trial.

In the event that both parties are in agreement regarding every issue, we can simply draft and file the final documents necessary to implement the agreement by you and your spouse.

“Collaborative” cases involve mediation.  Mediation is more formally known as Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Mediation is inexpensive, effective, confidential, and keeps you out of the courtroom.  Being a State registered mediator, Mr. Maddox can help guide you through the ADR process and resolve your case in an efficient manner.

Regardless of which method your situation calls for, if you have a divorce matter in Atlanta or Fulton County, Georgia, we can help you make it through the process.

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